Way More than Just an App.

What is My Daily Edge?

My Daily Edge is a simple system, created for essential oil business builders, that keeps track of your contacts and reminds you when to contact and follow up with them. It's kind of like a CRM for multi-level marketing companies. My Daily Edge is available as a smartphone app for Apple and Android devices, as well as online. It is designed to help keep you organized, motivated, and to increase your enrollments. Users report that their enrollments typically increase by 300% or more when using the app! My Daily Edge also increases your motivation by giving you rewards when you complete important activites, like following up with a contact. My Daily Edge also allows you to send oil samples directly to your contacts, without having to worry about shipping or handling.

Why did we build it?

My Daily Edge is built around the 6-3-1 system, which was created by Seth Risenmay and Rod Richardson. Here is what Seth Risenmay has to say about My Daily Edge:

"When Rod Richardson and I launched the Edge Success System it was all about helping others do the SAME things we did to become Blue Diamonds. Six daily questions, three weekly objectives, and one monthly event--it's why we call it the 6-3-1 system.

I still use this same system today; only now I've integrated technology to make it easier and more efficient. My time is valuable, so having a system that insures I follow-up in the most time effective way possible is very valuable to me. We found the perfect technology partner in BizRunner. Thanks to their technology, the simplicity of the Edge Success System is now available in the My Daily Edge App.

I use the My Daily Edge App consistently. Why? Because it saves me time. I can literally mentor 10 people in the amount of time it used to take me to mentor one person.

Using this App is how I'm going from Blue to Presidential Diamond. It insures that I am engaged in the activities that lead to my rank advancement. I really value it's ability to help someone know when they're doing enough to reach their goals. When you can't give your all to the business, you need to know when you're giving enough. This App does just that.

There are video tutorials through out the entire App, giving you step by step instructions. These video guides empowers the App user with the knowledge they'll need to succeed.

I spoke to BizRunner and they agreed to let you try the App with a 30-day money back guarantee! I am so appreciative to them for this generous offer! I invite you to complete your registration today. With the 30-day guarantee, you've got everything to gain and nothing to lose."

To your success!
Seth Risenmay, Blue Diamond
Edge Success